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This new bass table is the driving force of the Creative Formula for the Bass Guitar. I created this system several years ago for my students to gasp the beauty of different styles of music.
The response has been overwhelming with great developments in ear training skills. The student should play these scales across, up and down , diagonally , backwards , from the bottom up and even from the center out to transform each line into a colorful array of melodic tones for soloing.

Many students haven’t seen these scale patterns explained in such a profound manner. It helps them get excited about Music theory. I became fortunate enough to lock into my own bass technique and approach to share with the world.

The Paradigm Shift

The Creative Formula for the Bass Guitar is launching its' nets into the deep water preparing for the paradigm shift in teaching the bass guitar by using new methods and solo block tables to concieved ones hidden ability to understand the mind set of some of our greatest composers and use those details to tap into the mind set of our greatest bass players. Who in part probably knew what was coming around the curve to achieve new sounds. For example: playing the bass as a melodic instrument, and two hand tapping playing the bass like a piano. The Bass players of today are not the best in the world only because of their talent or the will to study hard, but they are apart of the paradigm shift.



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From The Desk: brian ellis

"The Essence of being Predictable"

One of most important things that I am trying to improve is to stop being so predictable, for example just because its payday then I could go to the Chinese restaurant or buy my family Mcdonalds, or I would have to wait until I get paid before I could get a haircut or just because I' ve worked overtime on the job for three or four days and when I get my pay I figure let me call in sick and enjoy my money. This is being predictable and show bad judgment. If I worked so hard to move ahead by working overtime, I will just give the money back in a sense if I call in sick. Moreover the boss will come to the conclusion that you not ready for such a responsibility and maybe if he give you extra work too do, you 're only gonna stick it to him in the long run when he really needs you. Do I have to wait until pay day to treat my wife and children to a night out. I can rise up to the level of maturity where I am discipline enough to put some money away for a nice surprise in the middle of the week. In the book of Luke chapter 4 when Jesus was tempted of the devil, he could have been predictable and gave in even at the first temptation or the level of approach before becoming victorious in the three levels of temptation. The enemy doesn't attack us when we expected him, or comes from a certain person, shows up in the place that we have our eyes on, but he waits until we are almost on the top of the mountain and fills us with confusion, discouragement, and difficulties. "The thief comes to steal , kill and destroy, but Jesus has come so that we may have eternal life" The Lord love when we his people seek his face and his will for our lives, "Early will I rise and seek your face oh lord". Jesus was led my the holy spirit to gain the scope of his ministry before he performs even his first miracle or laid hands on any one to heal them or preach and teach the divine the parables. There several recurrent themes we can focus on , one key point is "Forty" represents in the bible act of completion like forty years in the wilderness the Israelites spent finding their way. Or the forty days and night Noah spent in the ark protecting his family from the flood. "Could Jesus been successful from this ordeal if he only fasted for twenty days? Or maybe thirty days? Maybe he wouldn't have come to the level that God wanted him to reach if he aborted fasting and prayer daily. "Try me Oh Lord, and I know I will come forth

as pure gold." You know what is characteristic? Jesus could have been predictable and just stop at the first level of temptation and say this is to much for me at this time let me take a little power now and come back at a later date and get the rest of my power. Just like us in most cases when we embark on a task for the betterment of our ministries and personal lives we tend to fold at the first obstacle or unforeseen attack instead of stopping for a minute, taking a deep breath and with that breath exhale, speak the word of God on the situation. "Man should live not by bread alone, but by every word that proceed out the mouth of God". I think this a perfect formula for achieving victory. To receive your crown of glory, you have to fight to get it and fight to keep it. Just don't stop at the first level get ready for a three level battle. What would had happen if when you and your wife went to look at your house and the engineer said " well its' a nice home, but you can't buy it because the west wall is shifting, or you would have to replace all the plumbing because rotting pipes, or because it costs to much. No but instead you spoke the word " Get thee behind me Satan, for it is written, thou shall worshipped the lord God with all thy heart and only him will I follow."

By Brian Ellis

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